Apache Code Affected by Java 7

Java 7 Could Cause Bugs in Some Apache Projects

Jessica Thornsby

All versions of Lucene Core and Solr affected.

Uwe Schindler has posted that the just-released Java 7 contains
hotspot compiler optimisations, which miscompile some loops, and
this can affect the code of “several” Apache projects.
This can potentially lead to JVM crashes, or the incorrect
calculation of results, ultimately leading to bugs in applications.
Currently, it is known that all versions of Lucene Core and Solr
released today, are affected by these bugs. Java 6 users are also
affected, if they use one of the JVM options that are not enabled
by default:

-XX:+OptimizeStringConcat or

“These problems were detected only 5 days before the official
Java 7 release, so Oracle had no time to fix those bugs,” states
the announcement. “It is strongly recommended not to use any
hotspot optimization switches in any Java version without extensive

Oracle have proposed to include fixes in service release u2, and
eventually in service release u1. 

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