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Is Java Enjoying a Resurgence?

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, is Apache Xalan ready to be retired?

Java Enjoying Resurgence, Says New Survey

have conducted a study of over 1,200 software developers
worldwide, and have concluded that Java enjoyed a strong growth
last year across all regions. The largest increase was in the
Asia-Pacific region, where developers who use Java at least some of
the time, has grown from 61% to 68%. The Europe, Middle East and
Africa regions all saw a growth, although to a lesser degree, and
North America saw a 7.6% increase.

“We’re seeing a definite resurgence in Java development across
all regions,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, adding that
this resurgence “correlates directly with the increasing importance
of the smartphonesmartphone as a development target. Java is the
most widely used language for smartphone development, and is
well-suited for most of the major platforms, including Android,
Blackberry, Symbian and cross-platform Web development.”

HttpComponents HttpCore 4.1.1 Goes GA

The Apache
team have announced that HttpComponents HttpCore
4.1.1 is now GA. This is a patch release that fixes a number of
issues discovered since the 4.1 release. More information on the
fixes is available at the Release Notes. Please note that as of release
4.2 of HttpCore, Java 1.5 will be required for all its components.
Several classes and methods deprecated between versions 4.0-beta1
and 4.0 GA will also be removed in the 4.2 branch.
HttpCore is a set of low level HTTP transport components that can
be used to build custom client and server side HTTP services.

Xalan to Move to Apache Attic?

David Carver has blogged about the ASF considering moving
Apache Xalan
to the Attic, after those involved in the project failed to submit
a recent report to the Board. Carver views a lack of diversity as
being Xalan’s downfall, as the Xalan-J project was primarily
staffed by IBM committers. As IBM’s interests moved away from the
territory covered by Xalan, the project became less active. Carver
still sees a future for an additional XSLT processor in the open
source community, and suggests that forking the project once it has
been retired, would be a positive move in resurrecting Xalan.

“There is a small community out there that is interested in
making Xalan-J XSLT 2.0 compatible, but without active committers
on the Apache project to apply patches, and nominate new
committers, the project is all but dead at Apache,” he says.

Spring Web Services 2.0.2 Fixes Security

Spring Web Services 2.0.2 has been announced.
This second minor release in the 2.0 release cycle fixes a
potential security issue that could occur when using WS-Security
combined with response payload validation. UriEndpointMapping is
also now supported in server-side test. More information is
available at the Changelog.

Bug Fixes for Apache Server

Version 2.2.19 of the Apache HTTP Server is now available. This
bug fix release addresses regressions in the httpd 2.2.18 package
and comes with a fix for a new vulnerability introduced with
CVE-2011-0419. Apache HTTP Server 2.2.19 can be downloaded

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