Open Source Committers

Is Eclipse Shifting from Companies, to the Individual?

Jessica Thornsby

Eclipse currently has an equal number of Active Individual committers and Active IBM committers.

David Carver has posted a blog claiming that Eclipse is starting to shift
from companies, to individuals, after posting a screen capture
showing that on April 28th, 2010 the number of Active Individual
committers matched the number of Active IBM committers.

However, he argues that this is no bad thing. Individual
committers are usually working to address an issue that is
bothering them personally. Therefore, they are more likely to put
in that extra effort to fix a bug and, even if their employment
changes, there is a good chance they will remain committed to the
project. Carver also points out that a company can pull
Eclipse-related funding at any time.

“If it itches that badly, then you may need to scratch it
yourself. In other words, roll up your sleeves, and try to address
the issue instead of just complaining about it,” he concludes.

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