Neilsen Wire Survey

iPhone Users More Wealthy and Educated than Android Users?

Jessica Thornsby

Neilsen Wire publish the results of smartphone survey.

Neilsen Wire have published the results of their survey into the
Apple vs. Google battle, including profiling of a typical Android
and iPhone user.

The survey found that Android users tend to be younger, with 55%
of Android users being under the age of 34, while slightly less
(47%) of iPhone owners fall into this age band. However, Neilsen
Wire also claim to have found that Android users are slightly less
wealthy and less educated than iPhone users, with 40% of iPhone
users earning over 100K, as oppose to 28% of Android owners.

But, there is one area where iPhone and Android have something
in common: brand loyalty. iPhone may be 10% ahead of Android in
this area (80% of iPhone users want their next device to run iPhone
OS while 70% of Android users want another Android device) but the
other leading smartphones are lagging behind. 34% of Windows Mobile
users are planning to invest in a new Windows Mobile Device, while
47% of Blackberry users want another Blackberry device.

Looking at those Android and iPhone users who would like to try
a new operating systems; twice as many Android users would switch
to an iPhone, as iPhone users who would purchase an Android. This
suggests that the real tie-breaker in the battle of Apple and
Google, will be who can lure away the customer base of smartphones
such as Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The full results of the survey, can be viewed now.

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