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Interview with Adam Bien and JetBrains - Part 2


When it came to the Most Innovative Java Company category, the number of votes for each nomination was extremely close. However, JetBrains just beat the other companies to the post. We spoke to the JetBrains representative, Eugene Toporov, about the honour of winning the award: 

Thanks for representing JetBrains today, how do you feel about JetBrains winning the Most Innovative Java Company category?

This is a great honor for us, and an indicator of us being on the right track with our efforts and values. This kind of recognition motivates us like nothing else to continue making software development a pleasure.

Tell us about JetBrains and why you think it has such a vast community following

There is indeed a great community around JetBrains. We like to think that is because we never stop improving, staying open to our fans and keeping a ‘human face’ no matter how small or large we are as a company.

Since 2000, JetBrains has been committed to creating highly intelligent, easy-to-use productivity-enhancing tools. Our innovative solutions enable professional developers to adopt advanced technologies and work faster, better, and more efficiently.

JetBrains flagship product is IntelliJ IDEA, one of the most advanced Java IDEs which provides superior facilities for rapid, effective development on all Java platforms.

JetBrains continues innovating with technologies like Language-Oriented Programming, projects like MPS (Meta Programming System) and Kotlin, a new statically typed programming language compiled to JVM byte code and JavaScript.

What technologies and projects are JetBrains currently pursuing?

Our products already cover a whole spectrum of technologies, and we expect it to keep growing.

Teamwork facilitation and more effective collaboration are among the goals we've always had in mind, and we’re planning to focus on these two even more in the nearest future.

Where do you see JetBrains this time next year?

It may be too much to hope for, but can we say, holding this valuable prize of the year again? ;)

What sets JetBrains apart from rivaling companies in your opinion?

We have a lot of respect for all the finalists: ZeroTurnaround, Gradleware, and JFrog. These companies are our friends and companions of JetBrains. We probably just had a bit more luck.

What impact will winning this award have on the company?

As we said above, this award really motivates us to pursue the directions we’ve already chosen and to stay loyal to our mission: To be a leader and innovator in building professional software development and teamware tools.


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