Interview: Open sourcing of IntelliJ IDEA

JAXenter: If a product vendor suddenly goes open source, you might raise suspicion that you dump a “shopkeeper”. How do you want to debilitate this suspicion?

Roman Strobl: We are open sourcing IntelliJ IDEA for the following reasons: We want to grow the number of users of IDEA. We want to grow the ecosystem around IDEA – get more plug-ins, framework integrations, products based on our platform, etc. And we want to increase community participation. So as you can see, open sourcing is for us a growth strategy. It is a bold statement that we believe in future of IntelliJ IDEA. Also note that the open source edition provides only limited subset of features (e.g. no Java EE or framework support). We expect that many developers will be able to experience the advantages of our approach to development thanks to the free edition. We think that many of them will decide to buy the Ultimate Edition and thus drive further sales for us.


Roman Strobl
Roman Strobl

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