Interview: Open sourcing of IntelliJ IDEA - Part 5

JAXenter: How do you plan the cooperation with the community? Will there be committers outside JetBrains?

Roman Strobl: There are already many people contributing code to IDEA and writing plug-ins. Developers can submit patches to our bug tracking system and when we decide to accept them the code becomes part of IntelliJ IDEA. As for committers, people with long time history of successful patches will be able to get commit rights.

We also expect following community contributions to increase: More discussions newsgroups on forums. Involvement in marketing the product, that means presentations, links to and so on. More documents, articles and screencasts being created by the community. More bug reports filed and fixed and more plug-ins contributed. You can check our contribution page on for details about community contributions.


Roman Strobl
Roman Strobl

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