Interview: Open sourcing of IntelliJ IDEA - Part 3

JAXenter: You managed to establish a commercial IDE next to NetBeans and Eclipse. Your “open source rivals” focus on a framework concept and they both provide big open source platforms for IDEs. What is the difference of your platform, respectively why does the world need a third one?

Roman Strobl: We do not really want to compete with other Rich Client Platforms such as Eclipse RCP or NetBeans Platform in the area of building generic desktop applications. Our platform is purely an IDE platform, which means that you can only build IDE-like applications with it. We believe we have much more advanced language infrastructure, so building a new IDE for a new language is easier than with the other platforms. Our platform has also very good refactoring APIs, which enables developers to build tools with stronger refactoring capabilities than other platforms - even with cross-language and cross-framework refactorings. The last advantage I would like to mention is that IntelliJ Platform is covered by the Apache 2.0 license, which is more flexible than the licenses other platforms use.


Roman Strobl
Roman Strobl

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