Eclipse Helios

Instantiations Bring Eclipse-Based Products Into Line With Helios

Jessica Thornsby

Instantiations announce updates to Eclipse-based products, including CodePro AnalytiX and WindowBuilder.

Instantiations have announced that their entire Eclipse-based product line
has been updated in conjunction with the Eclipse Helios release

Instantiations’ Helios updates include version 6.5 of the
CodePro AnalytiX security and code quality product for Eclipse, and
WindowBuilder Pro 7.6, which introduces support for Eclipse 3.6,
XWT for SWT Designer, Smart GWT 2.2 and GXT 2.1 data binding
support within GWT Designer. WindowTester Pro 5.1 and RCP Developer
5.1 have also been released.

“Instantiations continually strives to meet the needs of our
customers by providing them with the latest features of the Eclipse
platform,” said Mike Taylor, the CEO of Instantiations. “In
addition to updating our product line to support Eclipse 3.6, we’ve
had regular key updates to each product over the year. I’m proud of
our team’s commitment to delivering innovative GUI building and
testing and code quality tools for enterprises of all sizes.”

All updated Eclipse products were released on June 23rd. Product
upgrades are available for free to customers with existing support
agreements. Free trial versions are available to download from the
Instantiations website.

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