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Innovation celebrated by Duke’s Choice Awards at JavaOne

Chris Mayer

Hadoop, Jelastic, Agrosense, London Java Community and NATO among the winners.

Java’s version of the Oscars, the Duke’s Choice Awards, have
been handed out at JavaOne, recognising the most creative
technologies across the community.

Ten gongs were awards in the 10th year of the awards, with the
diversity in the industry truly reflected. The importance of the
community has been the underlying theme throughout JavaOne’s
keynotes and session thus far, so naturally some of the most
prominent groups were handed honours, as well as innovative

Of the technologies, big data centrepiece Apache Hadoop scooped a Duke for
its progress over the past year. Jelastic also picked up a well-deserved
award for its Java Platform-as-a-Service.

Other initiatives receiving Duke statues were open source
management system Agrosense and
the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, both using the
NetBeans platform for good. Agrosense use an underlying NetBeans
framework to help out the agriculture industry whilst UNHCR developed a lightweight Java
client to collect ground information from refugees on their water,
food and housing.

were also the first recipients of the Community Choice Award, an
award picked by 820,000 Java community members voted on,
from a choice of six projects. 41% of votes went to their
battle-space and air defense visualization environment, the
MASE Integrated
Console Environment (MICE)

London Java
were the second Java User Group to receive a Duke,
awarded for their activity in OpenJDK and the JCP. Other winners
were JDuchess (who foster the
participation of women in the Java community), Liquid Robotics where James Gosling
is Chief Software Architect, and the Student Nokia
Developer Group

“This year’s Duke’s Choice Awards winners are spearheading a truly
diverse and creative set of Java-based projects, and their efforts
are invaluable to the Java community,” said Peter Utzschneider,
vice president product management at Oracle. “We are highly
appreciative towards the Java community for selecting a
sophisticated, vital NATO application for the first-ever Community
Choice Award. NATO, along with all of this year’s recipients,
demonstrate the remarkable work being done by Java community
members across the world.”

Oracle have also announced an regional extension to the awards at
international JavaOne conferences, beginning with JavaOne Latin
America, December 4-6th in Sao Paulo.

Congratulations to all recipients for continuing to make Java as
innovative as ever!

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