Java EE Spec Framework

Imixs Workflow BPM Solution for Glassfish and JBoss Application Servers

Jessica Thornsby

Imixs Software Solutions GmbH announce new Business Process Management solution.

Imixs Software Solutions GmbH have announced a new Business
Process Management (BPM) solution for Glassfish and JBoss
Application Servers.

Imixs Workflow makes use of the component
framework provided by the Java EE specification. The Imixs JEE
Workflow components are implemented as Enterprise Session and
Entity EJBs, and can be integrated into Glassfish 2.1, 3.0 and
JBoss 5.0 and 6.0 infrastructure.

This BPM solution enables business process management between
customers, employees and partners, by providing compliance features
which can be modelled by an Eclipse based graphical workflow
modeler tool, and features that support human-to-human workflows.
The Imixs security concepts are based on the Java Authentication
and Authorization Service.

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