Rich Internet Application framework gets major release

ICEfaces 3.0.0 released

Chris Mayer

The open-source Rich Internet Application (RIA) development framework based on JSF2, brings in a ton of new components

Enterprise-ready and open source RIA development framework
ICEfaces has received a landmark release this week, with the
introduction of
ICEfaces 3.0.0.

Part of the ICEsoft Technologies team’s portfolio of tools,
ICEfaces aims to add a bit of zest to developing web-based
applications, by bringing an air of simplicity and enhancements to
the Rich Internet Application framework. It does this through
bringing in some new RIA
component suites

  • ICEfaces Advanced Components (ACE) – The newest
  • ICEfaces ICE Components – Ideal for older applications and
    older browsers
  • ICEfaces Enterprise Components (EE) – A commercial component
    suite of specialty composite components

This release brings the tally of ACE
 to over 40 components, some improved and
new ones including an industry-leading new ace:dataTable, support
for jQueryUI ThemeRoller themes, and a flexible new ace:ajax tag
and client-event support. Crucially for some, there’s also
integration for Eclipse’s IDE (3.6 and 3.7) and NetBeans
(7.0, and 7.1), hopefully making a seamless transition with
bigger IDEs.

You may be thinking that ICEfaces application
development is done in JavaScript, but it is essentially Java EE
JSF development, which promotes a component-based architecture
using familiar tag-based declarative UI definition. The team says
that “ICEfaces provides application developers with a familiar Java
Enterprise development model that completely shelters them from the
complexities of low-level Ajax development in

There’s new support for MyFaces JSF, over 400 other
enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes. For full in-depth
details on what’s new in ICEfaces 3.0.0, check out the
release notes

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