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IBM Release SDK for Java 7

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, IRB application for JRuby adds JRuby 1.6.4 support, and Red Hat reveal latest financial results.

IBM Release Java 7 SDK

IBM have released their SDK for Java version 7. The SDK is available for both
the Linux and AIX platforms. In addition to the Java 7 updates,
such as the Project Coin language enhancement features, a new
Garbage Collection policy, and NIO.2 asynchronous I/O capabilities,
the SDK adds the ‘Metronome’ incremental GC policy.


Ruboto IRB 0.6 Adds JRuby 1.6.4 Support

Ruboto IRB 0.6 has been released. Ruboto IRB is
an IRB (Interactive Ruby) application for JRuby on Android, that
allows developers to run predefined, or uploaded scripts. All
scripts have the ability to interface with the full Android API,
and users can create shortcuts to scripts from the home screen.
Version 0.6 features support for JRuby 1.6.4 and adds new icons,
demos and permission for camera. Callbacks that can be replaced
with Procs, have also been removed. Version 0.6 includes a new
demo-irb-server that fires up a webrick server, allowing the
developer to interact with Ruboto IRB from the browser. The
Ruboto project
aims to enable Ruby scripts to run on Android devices.


Updates for Excelsior JET Java SE 6 JVM

Version 7.6 of the Excelsior JET certified Java SE 6
JVM has been released. Excelsior JET contains a static
ahead-of-time compiler and installation kit for desktop and server
Java applications, and helps developers protect their code against
Java decompilers. In this release, the JET Runtime has been
redesigned, bringing with it fixes for access violations in
long-running applications, and unexpected OutOfMemoryError
throwing. Occasional application crashes on 64-bit Windows have
also been fixed. Excelsior JET version 7.6 adds support for Java SE
6 Update 27, Eclipse RCP 3.7 and Apache Tomcat 7.0. A 90-days Excelsior JET Evaluation Package can be
downloaded now.


New Beta of Shrinkwrap

A new beta release of the Shrinkwrap project, has been announced. Shrinkwrap
provides an API for assembling archives such as WARs, JARs, and
EARs in Java, and also allows for export into ZIP or Exploded File
formats. Shrinkwrap 1.0.0 beta 6 adds ArchiveAsset,
ClassLoaderAsset and ClassAsset to the API, and gives users the
option of omitting archive extensions from an exploded directory
name. More information on this beta, can be found at the Release Notes.


Red Hat Reveal Latest Financial Results

Red Hat have unveiled their financial results for its second quarter,
ending August 31st, 2011. The total revenue for this quarter has
increased by 28% from the year ago quarter, to $281.3 million.
Subscription revenue is also up 28% year-over-year.

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