IBM Set New Big Data Record

IBM Break Storage Performance Record

Jessica Thornsby

IBM researchers scan 10 billion data files in 43 minutes.

IBM researchers have successfully scanned 10 billion data files on a single system, in 43
, according to a press release. This beats the previous
record of one billion files in three hours by a factor of 37, which
was also set by IBM researchers at the Supercomputing 2007
conference in Reno. This was achieved using General Parallel File
System (GPFS) running on a cluster of 10 eight core systems and
solid state storage.

“Today’s demonstration of GPFS scalability will pave the way for
new products that address the challenges of a rapidly growing,
multi-zettabyte world,” said Doug Balog, vice president of storage
platforms at IBM. “This has the potential to enable much larger
data environments to be unified on a single platform and
dramatically reduce and simplify data management tasks such as data
placement, aging, backup and migration of individual files.”

According to the press release, the size of digital data
increased by 47% over the past year, putting businesses under
pressure on how to manage and store the additional data.

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