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i-jetty 2.2 for Android and First Milestone for Spring 3.1

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Griffon 0.9.2 RC1, and first milestone of Spring Data JPA.

First Milestone Release for Spring Data JPA

The first milestone release of the Spring Data
JPA project
is now available. Spring Data JPA 1.0.0 M1 merges
the open source Hades library into Spring Data, and adds support
for building repositories based on Spring and JPA. Please see the
Changelog for a full run-through of the new

i-jetty 2.2 for Android Released

Version 2.2 of the i-jetty Android port, has been released. Based
on the jetty web container, i-jetty aims to be a personal webserver
on your Android phone, allowing users to run webapps in the mobile
environment. Webapps developed for i-jetty have access to the
Android API, which allows users to bring mobile phone content, to
their desktop browser.

i-jetty can be downloaded from Google Code. The project consists of the i-jetty
application, and three example webapps.

Spring BlazeDS Integration Gets Major Refactoring for
1.5.0.M2 Release

The Spring BlazeDS Integration team have announced 1.5.0.M2.
Spring BlazeDS Integration is a tool for building Spring-powered
RIAs with Adobe Flex. This release features a “major refactoring”
of the support for Spring Security 3, with a focus on easier
integration of Flex apps with Spring Security features such as
Concurrent Session Control and Session Fixation Protection. Reading
and writing AMF content with RESTful Spring MVC @Controllers is
also supported, and the 1.5.0.M2 release builds on the Hibernate
serialisation support. Please see the Changelog for more information.

Griffon 0.9.2 RC1 Introduces Breaking

The first RC of Griffon 0.9.2 has been announced. Griffon is a
Grails-inspired framework for writing RIAs on the JVM using Groovy,
and this RC adds a new AST transformation for threading management,
and a new class for helping apps introspect which addon
capabilities are accessible at runtime. The logging DSL can now be
used at buildtime, and services are automatically registered as
application event listeners. Please note that there’s a breaking
change, regarding the handling of controller actions. Starting with
this RC, controller actions are automatically executed outside of
the UI thread. More info is available at the Changelog.

Spring Security 3.1 RC Released

The first release candidate for Spring Security 3.1 is now
available. CommonsHttp HttpRequestInvoker is now supported,
alongside naming filter chains in the namespace, which should allow
for easier integration with external services, such as OAuth. A
Crypto module has also been added. Please see the Changelog for more information.

Scalate 1.4.0 Template Engine is Based on Scala

The Scala-based template engine, Scalate has reached version 1.4.0. Scalate 1.4.0 is based on Scala
2.8.1 and can be used with integration frameworks like Apache
Camel, web frameworks such as Lift or Play, or it can be used
standalone. For this release, CSS and CDATA filters have been
added, and SBT plugins have been added for the precompiling and
sitegen tasks. Layout support for Mustache has also been

Metawidget 1.0 Gets PrimeFaces Support

Version 1.10 of the Metawidget user interface
generation tool, has been released. This update comes with
PrimeFaces support and improves the ICEfaces support by adding
PanelTabSetLayoutDecorator. Seam has been updated to 2.2.1.GA and a
JSF2 version of AddressBook has been added.

Atlassian IDE Connector 3.0 Shakes-Up Fisheye and
Crucible Support

Atlassian have made some changes in the latest release of
Atlassian IDE Connector 3.0. This version
features limited support for Fisheye and Crucible, and some
Crucible reviews and FishEye features have been removed. Users will
no longer be able to open files in FishEye, or view and create
reviews. However, a few integration points between the IDE and
Fisheye and Crucible have been improved, for example direct
click-through is now available from FishEye to files in the IDE,
and users can create pre-commit reviews. The Release Notes for the
versions for both Eclipse and Intellij IDE, can be viewed now.

First Peek at Spring 3.1

The first milestone of Spring 3.1 has been released, with new
bean definition profiles, caching abstraction, and a new c: XML
namespace. JUnit has been upgraded to 4.8.1, and TestNG to version
5.12.1, and support for environment profiles in XML bean definition
files has been added. Please see the Changelog for a full list of updates, and keep
an eye on the SpringSource blog for a series of posts
covering the ins and outs of what’s new in this milestone

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