Hyperic 4.5 Interview

Hyperic Product Manager on Version 4.5

Al Sargent

Al Sargent

JAXenter speaks to Hyperic Product Manager Al Sargent, on the latest release.....

JAXenter: Hyperic 4.5 upgrades the codebase to Spring 3.0. What benefits does this bring to the user?

Al Sargent: By switching from JEE to Spring, the Hyperic team is able to work more efficiently by reducing code complexity and improving testability, which in turn enables them to increase the velocity of new features they can deliver to users. You can read more details at the SpringSource blog.

JAXenter: What motivated the Hyperic team to switch from JBoss to Apache Tomcat, for this release?

Al Sargent: Developer productivity played a big role. For example, the switch to Tomcat has improved our productivity by significantly decreasing startup time. A single developer coding and debugging an application now saves approximately 5 minutes of waiting each time he/she starts up the application. Considering that the developer may restart the application 12 times a day, it frees up an entire hour per day to develop new features.

JAXenter: What features are planned for future releases?

Al Sargent: We are quite excited about the Hyperic roadmap, but we cannot provide details at this time.

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