Huge jump in connections in openHAB 1.5

JAX Editorial Team

New update of Java based home automation technology now live, with integration to open source media player and hundreds of add-ons.


Java based open-source project
was originally developed by Kai
Kreuzer as a solution to his own domestic automation issues –
however, the popularity of the the initiative has gone far beyond
Kreuzer’s own doorstep, accruing thousands of commits on GitHub and
earning the founders a coveted Duke’s Award in 2013. They’ve just
gone live with version 1.5 of openHAB (Open Home Automation Bus),
with all updates also supported on the
iOS app
, available in Apple’s app store for iOS

In this new version of the impressively open
system, there has been a sizable increase in number and variety of
technology connections (bindings). Full details of these available
in the
. In addition, there are now almost one
hundred add-ons for openHAB.

Although XBMC notifications could be sent with
earlier versions, there is now full integration with the open
source media player. So, in addition to real-time updates control
of XBMC is now possible, as demonstrated in the following


There is also a new connection available for for
IRTrans infrared systems. Infrared signals are not only received
from different remote controls, but also from openHAB. The home
automation platform then works as a universal remote control for
home theaters and other similar systems.

The home control system HomeMatic has also
undergone some sprucing up, with a whole host of new

. Connected devices are now
supported by radio and cable, as well as variables and programs of
the Home Automatic central controller CCU (CCU 1 and 2).
 There are also bindings for open source communications
software tech from FreeSWITCH and Philips televisions  as well
as for astronomical calculations (eg sunrise and

Following this release, the openHAB team will start on the
development of openHAB 2.0 in earnest.

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