Hudson in Unexpected Lock-Down

Hudson Migrated Without Prior Warning?

Jessica Thornsby

Kohsuke Kawaguchi blogs about what’s going on with project Hudson.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi has blogged about what’s been going on at Hudson
this week, after the project was migrated to the new
infrastructure, reportedly without the team receiving notification
on the project’s assigned date for migration. By the time the
community noticed, the Hudson Subversion repository was already
locked down. Kawaguchi tried to get Hudson pulled out of the cycle
of migration, but was told by the people organising the move, that
it was already too late. The migration will “definitely take a
week,” but, since it is Thanksgiving weekend, Kawaguchi assumes it
may take even longer. “I find this situation plain unacceptable,”
he says.

So, where you can you get your hands on Hudson goodies now? The
Hudson mailing lists are available at Google Groups, and the Hudson
core source code has been long synced to GitHub. He’s also
currently working on setting up Gerrit to streamline the patch
review process to the core, in an attempt to lower the barrier of
entry. The migration of the Hudson plugin repositories is still
being discussed.

“My apologies that these changes had to happen quickly — I’m
just as frustrated as you are, but given the circumstances, I think
this is the best course of action. Hopefully everything will be in
place within a few days. And in the mean time, thanks for your

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