Hudson Github-Bound After All

Hudson: Github Move Gets Green Light

Jessica Thornsby

“The use of Github itself was never an issue,” says Jason van Zyl.

Sonatype’s Jason van Zyl has announced that Hudson will be moving to Github, after the move
was proposed and approved at the Hudson list. He cites Github’s
REST API and the availability of Git repositories over HTTPS, as
reasons for the move. This move to Github has caused some confusion
in the community, after the Hudson/Jenkins split was sparked off by
Andrew Bayer, Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Sacha Labourey announcing their intentions to move the project to

“The use of Github itself was never an issue. It was how the
original movement of the sources to Github was executed, and why,
that created tension,” clarifies Jason van Zyl.

In related Hudson/Jenkins news, Andrew Bayer has announced a
contest to design a new logo for Jenkins.
Entries must be received before Monday Feb 28th, and the community
will be free to vote for the logo of their choice at

“We’re looking for a design that can scale all the way from a
favicon to the Jenkins logo in the background of our UI. We’d very
much like to keep with the butler theme – that’s an integral part
of Jenkins’ image.”

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