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How to check rogue IT on cloud

Jax Enter had recently reported that, with the rise of cloud-based applications, access control was shifting from IT teams to enabling business.

IT professionals are taking a backseat on cloud as business users are racing ahead to use cloud-based apps. The report had also quoted a Ponemon-Symantec survey and said employees were making decisions on cloud apps without their IT departments’ inputs or full knowledge of the security risks involved.

Cloud computing and SOA expert David Linthicum has also taken note of business users accessing IT resources bypassing IT teams.

He realistically argues that IT may never have the bandwidth to prevent the 'rogue approach' to IT. But when business users go in their own, as he says, enterprises become vulnerable to violations of corporate policies and compliance standards.

He advises IT teams to meet the needs of business users or at least promote data governance policies within the company. Here is an issue that will pester  many enterprises as cloud takes root.

You can read his full post at Infoworld

Arun Mysore

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