JDK 7's Plan B Schedule

High-Level Schedule for JDK 7 Published

Jessica Thornsby

Find out when to expect the JDK 7 GA release.

OpenJDK have published the high-level
schedule for JDK 7
, following the decision to follow Plan B.
The project is aiming to accelerate the release, whilst also
maintaining quality, by moving features that require more time to
mature, to JDK 8. The milestone schedule will be updated soon, but
below is the complete high-level schedule for JDK 7:

  • 2010/12/16 Feature Complete
  • 2011/04/12 Rampdown start: P1-P3 bugs only
  • 2011/04/28 API/interface changes: Showstoppers only
  • 2011/05/11 All targeted bugs addressed
    First release candidate built
  • 2011/05/18 Bug fixes: Showstoppers only
  • 2011/06/08 Final test cycle starts
  • 2011/07/28 General Availability
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