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High-level JVM/JavaScript language Kotlin gets open-sourced


JetBrains has announced the open-sourcing of its high-level, Java-compatible language, Kotlin

JetBrains, the St Petersburg-based company known for its IDEs
for Java, PHP, Objective-C and other languages, has
the open-sourcing of its most recent project, Kotlin.

early last month, Kotlin is a high-level,
statically-typed language that compiles into either JVM bytecode or

Source code for Kotlin’s ‘kompiler’, Java library enhancements,
build tools and IDE is now available on GitHub under
the Apache 2 licence, and the company is seeking volunteer
developers to help the language evolve:

[We’re] looking for Kontributors, i.e. Kotlin contributors —
brave souls eager to make this world a better place together with
us. All Kontributions, from compiler to IDE patches to libraries
and examples, are welcome and appreciated. You can start by reading
our issue tracker or by just picking your favorite library and
making it Kotlin-friendly.

Kotlin aims to remove some common pitfalls of Java, including
null pointer exceptions, while adding features such as higher-order
functions, mixins and pattern matching. A handy
comparison page
details the similarities and differences
between Kotlin and the the popular Java-compatible language Scala,
key improvements being simplicity of syntax and compile-time.

Research firm RedMonk’s
Programming Language Rankings showed strong performance
for high-level languages, with CoffeeScript booming in popularity
and Scala and Groovy also sitting towards the top-end of the chart.
JetBrains have provided a handy live demo on their website,
allowing potential users to try out Kotlin before they download and
install, with options to execute through either Java or JavaScript.
Why not head over and try it out now?

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