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Hibernate 3.3 and Groovy 1.7.6 Arrive

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Grails 1.3.6, Groovy 1.8-beta-3 and GreenHopper 5.4 released.

Groovy 1.7.6 and Sneak Peek at 1.8

Groovy 1.7.6 and 1.8-beta-3 have been announced. The
former is primarily a bug fix release, but the beta comes with a
new preview of performance for primitive operations and
functionality for using extended command expressions on the
right-hand side of assignments. Closure memorisation and trampoline
are both supported, and node metadata can be stored in AST

Another Release from Spring Data

The Spring Data project is on a roll! Hot on the heels of the

Spring Data Redis
release, Riak
Support 1.0.0 M1
has arrived. The Riak modules in this release
provide integration with Riak store, and this milestone introduces
generified RiakTemplate for exception translation, serialisation,
and data access. It also features a built-in HTTP REST client based
on Spring version 3.0 RestTemplate.

Hibernate 3.3 Migrates to Lucene 3.0

Hibernate Search version 3.3 has been announced. This release
works with JBoss AS 6, Seam 2.2.1 and Hibernate Core 3.6 . It comes
with a new query DSL that provides an API for programmatic queries,
and a reworked queuing algorithm which has been tailored for those
working with complex object graphs. This release has also migrated
to Lucene version 3.0.

Grails 1.3.6 Released

Grails version 1.3.6 has been released, updating Commons DB
CP to 1.3, Spring Framework to 3.0.5 and Commons Codec to version
1.4. An attrs attribute is also supported by tags in the link

GreenHopper 5.4 Released

The GreenHopper agile planning tool for JIRA has reached
version 5.4. This release introduces a new
Time-Tracking Analysis tool that can assist with understanding the
Hours Burndown Chart, providing data such as time spent and
remaining hours.

When releasing versions directly from the Task Board,
GreenHopper now creates and releases a new JIRA version which
includes all “Done” cards part of the current context. GreenHopper
5.4 can be installed using the Universal Plugin Manager for

Redis 2.2.0 RC1 Released With Rewrites

The first RC of Redis 2.2.0 has been announced. The
networking internals have been rewritten with efficiency in mind,
VM has been partially rewritten for code cleanness and memory
usage, and the Redis-benchmark has been rewritten. Unix domain
socket support has also been added. Redis 2.2 should work as a drop
in replacement for 2.0.

MySQL 5.5 Released – With InnoDB

Oracle have announced that MySQL 5.5 is now generally available – and the
Community Edition includes InnoDB as the default storage engine. In
November, the MySQL Community was plagued by rumours
that Oracle were making the InnoDB feature unavailable in MySQL
Community builds after they revised their support packages for
MySQL Editions. In actual fact, the company were dropping Basic and
Silver support for MySQL citing the “very
very limited support
” these packages offer, but keeping

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