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Hadoop Hive and Mongo performing strongly, says Jaspersoft’s Big Data Index

Chris Mayer

Jaspersoft’s second quarter metrics solidify Big Data’s ascension in the enterprise world

Business intelligence experts Jaspersoft have today announced
the second quarter metrics for the Jaspersoft Big Data Index, the
industry’s first index measuring demand of the most popular data
sources for storing, analyzing and visualizing Big Data.

The area, as we know, is in flux at the moment, with a number of
key players jostling for Big Data supremacy. Jaspersoft’s Big Data
Index is compiled from total number of native connector downloads
from JasperForge,
Jaspersoft’s open source, community-focused website. Projects such
as Hadoop Hive, Hadoop HBase, MongoDB, DataStax Cassandra, Riak,
Red Hat Infinispan, Neo4J, Redis, CouchDB, VoltDB and others are
all tracked to monitor their adoption from the Jaspersoft

Whilst this survey shouldn’t be read into too far, it does offer
a glimpse into the developing field of Big Data analytics and could
suggest who is doing things right and who in particularly is in
demand, at least on JasperForge. Over 10,000 Big Data connectors
have been downloaded this year alone, and Jaspersoft predict that
downloads are set to grow 92% in 2012 compared to 2011 – a
promising trove for Big Data.

“Several NoSQL environments have become exceptionally popular
for reporting and analyzing Big Data,” said Brian Gentile, CEO at
Jaspersoft. “Companies now have the opportunity to learn more about
their operations and performance by analyzing data streams that
were too big or too complex to process even a couple years ago. The
momentum of Big Data downloads tells us more companies are
recognizing this opportunity and taking advantage of it.”

Document stores are receiving the most attention, garnering over
70% of demand, and of these 10gen’s MongoDB is leading the way –
unsurprising, considering the large amount of funding that has gone
into the NoSQL option. But Cassandra is gaining some pace, growing
by 100% in May alone. Hadoop Hive is steadily building a big
following showing “constant steady demand” from 2011 onwards.

“The value of Big Data is just being uncovered as data
scientists begin to analyze log files, social media feeds, online
media, gaming systems, fraud and security monitoring, and a variety
of other data-driven applications,” said Karl Van den Bergh, Vice
President of Product and Alliances at Jaspersoft. “Jaspersoft’s
native Big Data connectors help BI end-users access large and
complex data sets and navigate through them using our
industry-leading reporting, analysis and dashboards tools.”

For more information and to continue following the Big Data
Index, visit the Jaspersoft site. We eagerly
anticipate the next Big Data Index update where we’ll likely be
seeing the same contenders duking it out once more. Might Riak or
Redis be able to challenge the big three?

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