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Hadoop gets a new guardsmen in Cloudera’s Sentry

Chris Mayer

One of Hadoop’s major pain points gets tackled head on, thanks to a new open source authorisation framework from Cloudera.

The enterprise wishlist for Hadoop is lengthy, but undoubtedly
towards the top for any company thinking of giving the big data
technology a whirl is security. With more and more reams of
sensitive data being spewed out of the big data processing
framework, keeping the infrastructure secure is a top priority for
those in financial services, healthcare and government.

Hadoop vendor Cloudera has recognised the
importance of filling this gap with the release of
an open source role-based authorisation framework that grants
precise access levels to the right users and applications. The
module integrates with SQL query engines Apache Hive and Cloudera’s
recent real-time effort Impala, giving access control at the
server, database, table and view scopes levels. Though only these
two components are officially supported at the moment, users could
extend the pluggable architecture to secure projects like Pig,
according to the

Cloudera blogpost
accompanying the

Sentry could open the door for companies wanting
granular control, who previously couldn’t create data systems
without the functionality or stringent security regulations in
place. WIth Sentry meeting Role Based Access Control requirements,
there should theoretically be a number of new use cases and
customers lining up to use Hadoop. Multi-tenant administration is
also possible, as Sentry gives permissions on different datasets to
be delegated to different administrators. The platform uses
authenticator Hadoop Kerberos to secure the data.

Cloudera CEO, Tom Reilly says security is “a top
priority” for large enterprises using Hadoop.

“With Sentry and future releases in our product
roadmap, we are continuing to address the complete security picture
around Hadoop, delivering on our vision to make the platform safe
and compliant for enterprise use, in even the most highly regulated
industries,” he added.

Although currently only shipping as a Cloudera
Hadoop Distribution 4.3 add-on, Sentry is available under an Apache
2 license, meaning you can fork to your heart’s content. The
company intend to bring this crucial piece of security kit to the
Apache Incubator in the near future too, where the majority of
Hadoop projects are housed.

Should the first of its kind project move to the open
source foundation, it could quite feasibly become an important cog
in Hadoop’s security puzzle and help the technology overcome a
severe enterprise obstacle along the way.

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