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Hadoop and OpenStack shack up with Project Savanna

Elliot Bentley

Red Hat, Hortonworks and Mirantis are teaming up to turn Hadoop into a first-class customer on cloud platform.

of the biggest open-source projects around are about to get
intimate thanks to Project Savanna, a
new OpenStack component being co-developed by Red Hat, Hortonworks
and Mirantis. Savanna is designed to make Hadoop a first-class
customer on OpenStack, with the cross-industry team-up announced
yesterday at OpenStack Summit.

Just as regular VMs can be spun up via OpenStack’s
web-based dashboard, Savanna allows Hadoop instances to be
provisioned quickly. Parameters such as cluster topology are
configurable via drop-down menus, while worker nodes can be added
or removed to scale up and down. In addition, Savanna can direct
any unused compute power within an OpenStack infrastructure pool to

Amazon Elastic MapReduce is apparently
a direct point of comparison, with Savanna’s distinguishing
features being open source APIs and the ability to easily port apps
between public and private clouds.

Originally developed by OpenStack consultants
Mirantis, Red Hat and Hortonworks will be contributing engineers to
the project, and each have their own reasons for getting

As the most prolific contributor to the
‘Grizzly’ codebase
, Red Hat is betting heavily on OpenStack and
is already trialling its own distribution. The company last month
revealed that their
big data strategy
– to not produce their own Hadoop
distribution, but build a “robust network of ecosystem and
enterprise integration partners”.

Essentially this boils down to making their own
software a desirable platform for Hadoop – and involvement in
Project Savanna is the first sign that these claims were more than
hot air.

Hortonworks and Mirantis, meanwhile, could benefit
from the arrangement if devs can be lured away from locked-in
big-data-as-a-service offerings as Amazon EMR or Continuuity.

However, Project Savanna is by no means a cabal
between the three – like the rest of OpenStack, it’s under an
Apache 2.0 license, and it would come as no surprise if more
companies jumped on board. There are also plans for the component
to support multiple Hadoop distributions.

For those interested in trying out the 0.1 release of Savannah,
Mirantis have put together a quickstart guide,
and the three companies will be showing off their wares further at
Hadoop Summit in June.

Photo by Nicholas A.

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