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GroundWork and Eucalyptus Systems Team Up

Jessica Thornsby

GoundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud solution.

GroundWork Open Source Inc. (GWOS) and Eucalyptus Systems
have announced a partnership.

In a press release, the companies reveal they are aiming to
deliver complete monitoring and management of applications running
in a
private cloud environment. The GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud
will provide detailed monitoring for this Eucalyptus private

Users should be able to build and monitor private and hybrid
clouds within their existing environment and other public clouds ,
and run Amazon Machine Image (AMI) instances on VMware-based
hypervisors within their Eucalyptus private cloud.

“Detailed monitoring and management of private cloud
applications can give Eucalyptus users important real-time
information to increase productivity and reduce costs,” said Marten
Mickos, the CEO of Eucalyptus Systems. “Through our partnership
with GroundWork Open Source, Eucalyptus open source users and
Enterprise Edition customers can now benefit from a proven, open
source solution to monitor private clouds as part of their overall
network environment.”

GWOS is currently looking for people to participate in
GroundWork’s Monitor Enterprise Cloud beta program. This beta
program will provide access to Eucalyptus EE, including VMware
support for implementing private clouds in existing environments.
More information on the beta program, is available at the GroundWork

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