Simultaneous Release for 2.1.2

Groovy-Eclipse and AJDT 2.1.2 Released

Jessica Thornsby

New release for Groovy-Eclipse plugin and AJDT Groovy tooling support.

Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.2 and AJDT 2.1.2 have been released simultaneously. The Groovy-Eclipse
plugin provides Eclipse-based tooling support for Groovy. Version
2.1.2 adds support for inline renaming, and various type
inferencing improvements.

Meanwhile, the AJDT project for providing Eclipse platform based
tool support for AOSD with AspectJ, adds support for the Intertype
Inner Types AspectJ 1.6.11 language feature. AJDT 2.1.2 includes
AspectJ 1.6.11. More information on this release, is available at
the New and Noteworthy.

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