Reworked Relevance Algorithm

Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.0 RC1 is Generic Type-Aware

Jessica Thornsby

First RC of Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.0.

The first release candidate of Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.0
is now available.

Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.0.RC1 includes Groovy 1.7.5. With this
release, the Groovy-Eclipse inferencing engine is now aware of
generic types, and the editor will give notification when you are
using a loop variable incorrectly. The relevance algorithm has been
reworked so that local variables are above, then instance methods
and fields are next, and type proposals are last. There is now an
option in the Groovy preferences page for inserting named arguments
for method calls during content assist.

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