Daily Roundup

Groovy 1.7.7 and 1.8-beta-4 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, PrimeFaces 2.2 and JDT 3.7 M5.

Bug and Security Fixes for Apache Tomcat

A new security and bug fix release of Apache Tomcat has been
announced. Apache Tomcat 7.0.8 fixes a hanging Servlet 3
asynchronous request that could occur when using the APR based AJP
connector, and reduces the level of log message for invalid URL
parameters from WARNING to INFO. Please see the Changelog for more information on the relevant bug
fixes. Apache Tomcat 7.0.8 can be downloaded now from the Tomcat website.

PrimeFaces 2.2 With Initial Portlet Support

Version 2.2 of the PrimeFaces component suite
for JSF has been released, complete with bug fixes and performance
improvements. There is also initial support for portlet and
enhanced theme integration, where each theme is now available as a
versioned jar file. Menu, menubar, menuButton and contextMenu have
all been reimplemented. Next up is PrimeFaces 3.0, with an RC
currently scheduled for release on April 11th.

TeamWall 1.2 With Bugzilla Support

Version 1.2 of the TeamWall server, has been released. TeamWall
integrates with data providers such as Sonar, Jira and Teamcity,
and prepares them to be viewed in a web browser. This release adds
support for Bugzilla and Brick, and adds functionality for
previewing a configured brick when editing a wall. Please see the
Release Notes for more information.

JDT 3.7 M5 Adds History

JDT 3.7 M5 has been released with a history for
recently used breakpoint conditions.

The global history displays the saved conditions across all
conditional breakpoints, and the local history shows the history of
one particular breakpoint. The milestone also features a Quick
Outline for displaying inherited members of top-level types, and
two new compiler options have been added for marking methods which
can be made static.

Groovy 1.7.7 and 1.8-beta-4 Released

The Groovy team have simultaneously released Groovy 1.7.7 and Groovy 1.8-beta-4. The first, is a maintenance
release of the 1.7.x branch, which makes changes such as upgrading
Ant from 1.8.1 to version 1.8.2, and fixes a list of bugs.
Meanwhile, Groovy 1.8-beta-4 is the final beta before the team move
onto release candidates of the upcoming major version of Groovy. It
features built-in support for JSON, with a JSON slurper and a JSON
parser, and ongoing performance improvement work on primitive
integer calculations.

Project for Integrating Google Maps and JSF Reaches

GMaps4JSF version 1.1.4. has been released. GMaps4JSF is a
project for integrating Google maps with JSF, allowing users to
create maps using (latitude and longitude) or (address), and add
markers, information text and controls, to the map. In this
release, the library has been completely re-written, and support
for the (Map) component serverside events has been added.

IBM Join WTP Libra Project

IBM has joined the WTP Libra
. Libra will provide standard tools for OSGi Enterprise
application development, including tools for providing a better
user experience in the Server-Side Equinox scenario. IBM will
contribute tools that aid in OSGi facet configuration, converting
existing projects to OSGi Bundles, and creating OSGi Bundles.

Sauce Labs Add Selenium 2 Support

Web application testing company Sauce Labs have added support for Selenium 2 to their Sauce
OnDemand cloud application testing service. Selenium 2 is an effort
to make Selenium work more tightly with browsers, adding Android
and iPhone testing, and a new API that directs users to focus on
two basic objects: WebDriver and WebElements to construct

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