Real-Time Big Data platform downloadable in Enterprise and Community Editions

GridGain 3.5 released, promising significant performance improvement

Chris Mayer

Claims to build compute and data intensive cloud applications cohesively and quickly

The Real-Time Big Data Platform that is fluent with Java, Groovy
and Scala APIs has been given a fresh new release.

GridGain 3.5’s main change sees previously deprecated APIs
removed and assurances of enhancements throughout the product.

Other vows from the team that will allow for speedier ways for
GridGain users to develop, scale and manage compute and data
intensive JVM based applications include -

  • Improvements and bug fixes in GridGain Visor 
  • Enhancements to GridProjection interface 
  • Ability to programmatically start remote nodes in
  • Customizable closure-based MapReduce 
  • Enhancements in affinity and co-location 
  • Bug fixes in eviction policies in Data Grid 
  • Significant improvements and performance enhancements in Swap

Gridgain 3.5 is available to download from their website, including a
edition under the GPL 3 license

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