GrassHopper CFD Goes Beyond Kanban

GrassHopper 5.2.3 With New CFD Diagram

Jessica Thornsby

New Cumulative Flow Chart Gadget and Statistics Burndown Chart Gadget for GrassHopper.

Version 5.2.3 of GrassHopper is out now.

With this release, Cumulative Flow Diagram charts can now
accommodate the movement of issues backwards against a Task Board
flow, meaning that Cumulative Flow Diagrams are no longer
restricted to Kanban flow methodologies. The double-click Card View
has been re-introduced, and two new gadgets have been added:
Cumulative Flow Diagram gadget and the Statistics Burndown Chart
gadget. The Statistics Burndown Chart Gadget shows a series of line
graphs, illustrating the burndown for a given version, while the
Cumulative Flow Chart Gadget displays a Cumulative Flow Diagram on
the JIRA dashboard.

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