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Grails Plugin Collective Proposed

Jessica Thornsby

Luke Daley proposes a community of skilled developers for maintaining and developing Grails plugins.

Luke Daley has posted a proposal for a ‘Grails Plugin Collective.’

He envisions a semi-structured combination of social and
technological systems, with norms to initiate, develop and maintain
Grails plugins. A big motivation of the Gails Plugin Collective for
Daley, is to create a system where other community members can
contribute to, and continue, plugins that would otherwise be the
responsibility of a single developer. This aims to avoid the
situation where a promising plugin is abandoned by its developer,
and the project effectively comes to an end.

The Grails Plugin Collective would consist of a community of
skilled developers, with an official membership status that
volunteers could work towards by contributing to the Collective’s
plugins. It would also focus on providing documentation in a
consistent format, and implement quality control mechanisms for all
of the plugins featured in the Grails Plugin Collective.

Daley proposes that the Collective should exist outside of
VMWare, and that if a plugin certification scheme should be
established in the future, it should not impact on the Collective.
He also imagines that the initiative would operate with as little
bureaucracy and procedure as possible, with proposals for things
like releases, API/Design changes, and developer membership being
put to a community vote.

As future membership will be decided by a vote, Daley proposes
that the VMWare Grails team suggest an initial membership of
roughly ten people, to kick-start the Collective.

The full proposal can be viewed now.

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