Artifactory Online Instance for Grails

Grails and Artifactory Online Collaboration Announced at JAXconf

Jessica Thornsby

New dedicated Artifactory Online instance for Grails project announced at JAX Conf!

project and JFrog today announced at JAXconf San Jose a new joint collaboration
around an advanced artifact repository solution for Grails, in the
form of the Grails Artifactory Online repository service.

JFrog, makers of the Artifactory binary repository, has set up a
new dedicated Artifactory Online instance for the Grails project.
Artifactory Online, JFrog’s SaaS solution is a cloud
based repository management on EC2. It will provide Grails with the
full Artifactory Pro platform and features for hosting and
delivering releases, plugins and other resources to the Grails

Graeme Rocher, Project Lead of Grails at SpringSource
said : “Artifactory Online has significantly eased the Grails
project’s dependency and repository management challenges by
unifying access to all of the remote repositories we depend on.
Grails users stand to benefit significantly for this new
architecture and we are extremely excited to be working with the
JFrog team to deliver a scalable solution for dependency management
to Grails users.”

Fred Simon, JFrog Chief Architect said: “We are excited to have
Grails aboard,
together with Gradle, Groovy++ and other OSS projects that take
advantage of a private cloud repository, and we look forward to
serve the Grails community with a full-featured, powerful binary
management and scalable distribution.”

Both JFrog and Grails are excited by this cooperation, and see
it as a great opportunity for improving users’ experience and
advancing open source technologies and projects.

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