Grails Bug Hits Weceem

Grails 1.3.5 Memory Leak Affects Weceem Instances

Jessica Thornsby

Frequently and concurrently edited Weceem instances likely to be affected.

Grails development team member Marc Palmer has posted a warning about a permgen memory leak in Grails 1.3.5,
which could gradually cause slowdowns and out of memory errors in
the Weceem instance. The problem is primarily centred around
viewing the Amin sections, so it is unlikely a Weceem instance not
being edited will be affected. Frequently, or concurrently, edited
Weceem instances will load the repository slowly, and eventually
fall over, in both Grails dev mode and production WARs. The Grails
team have been alerted to the bug and are fixing it in 1.3.6.

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