Web Application Framework

Grails 1.3

Jessica Thornsby

Grails with Groovy 1.7 and full Maven Repository Support!

A first release candidate of Grails 1.3 is now available.

Grails is a dynamic web application framework built on Java and
Groovy. It aims to provide convention-based development whilst
leveraging existing knowledge on APIs Java developers have been
using for years.

Grails 1.3 RC 1 introduces support for Groovy 1.7, which includes new features like
anonymous and nested class support, and the ability to access outer
context from a nested class.

Grails 1.3 now uses JUnit 4 to run tests, and has full support
for publishing plugins to, and reading plugins from, Maven
compatible repositories. Alongside this Maven repository support,
developers can now declare plugin dependencies using the Ivy DS.
GORM now includes new methods to check whether an object has been

Please see the Change Log for more information.

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