Hans Dockter's Core Gradle

Gradle, a Build System for Java Workshop

Gradle, a Build System for Java Workshop
Event: Gradle, a Build System for Java Workshop
Location: The Skills Matter eXchange
Date: 20.02.2011 - 22.02.2011
Contact: Website
Venue: The Skills Matter eXchange
EC1V 7DP London |

Hans Dockter's Core Gradle

In this intensive and highly practical 3-day Gradle course, you will become familiar with all major concepts of Gradle and how to best use Gradle for simple as well as complex build scenarios. This course is packed with hands-on exercises. You will learn about the basic language elements of the Gradle Domain Specific Language (DSL), how to use Gradle's build-by-convention for plain Java and Java web projects, and how to use the Gradle plugin system. You will find out how easy it is to customize your build. You will learn about Gradle's mighty dependency management. And much more ...

This 3-day Gradle course has been developed by Gradle's founder and Project lead Hans Dockter.


use the core Gradle DSL types. work with external dependencies. use build-in tasks and plugins. hook into the build lifecycle. integrate with Ant and Maven. use the sophisticated Gradle logging engine to maintain a clean build output. use Gradle's powerful file system abstractions. apply best practices for maintainable builds. work with multi-project builds. achieve highly performing builds. create a zero-administration environment for Gradle builds.


Day 1
Gradle Introduction What is GradleSome background information about the Gradle projectInstalling GradleUsing Gradle via the command-line, the stand alone GUI and the IDE.Gradle build scriptsA very short introduction to Groovy

The Core of Gradle - A general purpose build system Background: Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) - The heart of (almost) every build system. How to work with Gradle tasks How to create custom task types. Task Dependencies Smart merging when executing multiple tasks. Smart exclusion. How to access and work with the DAG. Hooking into the Gradle build lifecycle. Using the Gradle logging infrastructure.

Introduction to Plugins How do Gradle plugins work. The different ways of applying plugins to your build. Writing your own plugin. A short overview of available plugins.

Gradle and the File System The mighty copy functionality. Archive handling Custom Gradle file types: FileTree and FileCollection

Using Ant from Gradle The relationship between Ant and Gradle. Using Ant tasks. Deep import of Ant projects.

Dependency Management Overview. Accessing Maven and Ivy repositories. Transitive dependency handling. Using repository-less dependencies. Publishing artifacts.

Maven Integration Pom generation and customization. Publishing to a Maven repository. The Maven2Gradle converter.

Day 2
Gradle's Deep API Gradle's domain objects are extensible. How to avoid global properties with dynamic properties. Powerful construction rules for Tasks, Dependencies, ...

Gradle's Rich Model for Inputs and Outputs Gradle's autowiring of task dependencies. Buildable File Collections. Automatic validation of task properties. Declaring your inputs and outputs. Incremental Build

Working with Source Sets What are source set's and why we love them. Declaring and configuring source sets. Using the source set API.

The Java Plugin The Java Plugin tasks: Clean, Javadoc, Compile, Archives Configuring test tasks (A truly rich API in action).

Task Rules What are task rules. Working with task rules.

The Gradle Way The declarative nature of Gradle. Avoiding rigidity. Providing a build language vs. being a framework. All requirements are equal: Custom declarative elements. XML, Groovy and putting lipstick on a pig.

Multi-Project Builds Configuration Injection Filtered Injection Project Dependencies Gradle follows your layout not vice versa. Task and Project paths Lifecycle Tasks and partial builds. Reports The settings.gradle

How to organize your Build Logic Best practices. Using jars, build sources or script plugins in your build script. The gradle.properties Init scripts.

The Gradle Wrapper Why and when to use the Gradle wrapper. Applying the wrapper to your build.

Day 3
Continuous Delivery Configuration Management Advanced Continuous Integration Repository Management Deployment Pipelines Deployment & Release Management Data Management Infrastructure & Environment Management

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