New Release

Gradle 1.1 tidies up the GA release

Chris Mayer

More than just a maintenance release, we learn where Gradle’s heading for the future

Following up on June’s debut
GA release
, the team at Gradleware are quick to
push the build automation tool further through today’s

The team state that Gradle 1.1 has focused on usability
improvements, bug fixes and groundwork in hope of instigating such
an evolution in the revolutionary build tool. Whilst it may seem
like an ordinary maintenance, there appears to be a bit more to

The release
show that substantial changes have been made
to test logging, giving much more
much more detailed
information during test execution. You can also expect easier
opening of test and code quality reports enhancing the experience
of using Gradle slightly. There’s improved Maven integration,
external dependency management through the Tooling API and extra
OSGi support.

Neatly rounding off some rough edges from Gradle 1.0, plans
are already shaping up for the next release. According to

Hans Dockter
, work has already begun on
experimental parallel builds,

migration plugin
and further improvements

dependency reporting
. Although very much a
work in progress, it’s encouraging to see that Gradle development
continues and that project continues to grow.

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