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Gradle 1.0 a step nearer with Milestone 8

Chris Mayer

The next-gen automation tool hits another milestone – with some important features now incorporated

It was fitting that Gradle’s eighth milestone hit on Valentine’s
Day. The next-generation Groovy-powered build automation tool,
which builds upon Maven and Ant concepts, certainly appears to be a
labour of love that we all can’t wait to get our hands on.

Evolution has always been key for the team behind it and Gradle
1.0 m8 brings some new things to the table. Thanks to a
contribution by Andrew Oberstar, Gradle now includes
several new code quality plugins such as
, a JDepend
 and a PMD
. There’s also standalone Checkstyle and CodeNarc plugins
from now on.

Dependency cache resolution has been targeted as well, with new
offline and refresh switches included. Taming the Gradle
has been a big task too, with improvements there
automatically affecting tooling APIs positively. Tooling API thread
safety has been changed for the better and there’s greater
configurability within tooling with standard input, through
configuring Java home or through the JVM. It is now
possible to acquire information about the build environment like
the java home, jvm arguments or the gradle version.

For all other changes and a handy migration
, check out the
Release Notes
and Changelog then wander on over to the download section

If you want to find out just what Gradle can do, a recent Java
Tech Journal on the entire subject, featuring an interview with
co-creator Hans Dockter,
is here
. We eagerly anticipate seeing more of the roadmap be completed. Sure
it’ll be a long progress towards a full stable version, but when it
finally hits, Gradle will be the de facto standard.

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