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Google to Unveil Android-Based Google TV in May?

Jessica Thornsby

Will Google unveil an open source, Android-Based Google TV at the Google I/O conference?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google plans to unveil an
Android-based ‘Google TV’ at the Google I/O conference, which runs
in May in San Francisco.

According to the article, Intel and Sony are also involved in
the platform, which is rumoured to be open source, in keeping with
the Android operating system. “(Google) hopes the move will spur
the same outpouring of creativity that consumers have seen in
applications for cellphones,” reads the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal are predicting that we may see a Google
TV toolkit within the next couple of months, with products based on
the software appearing as early as this summer. Apparently, Google
has already built a prototype set-top box, but it is still under
consideration whether the technology will be incorporated directly
into TVs or other devices.

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