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Google Preview TV Add-on for Android SDK

Jessica Thornsby

Ahead of Honeycomb, Google publish a preview of their Google TV add-on.

As promised at Google I/O in 2011, a preview of the Google TV add-on for the Android
is now available. The add-on allows developers to emulate
Google TV and build apps using the standard Android SDK tools,
although the emulation is currently only supported on Linux with
KVM. Support for other operating systems is under development. The
preview also provides APIs for TV interaction.

The upcoming Honeycomb update will bring Android compatibility
to Google TV devices, meaning developers will be able to build
Android apps for TV, or tweak existing tablet and mobile apps for
TV, and distribute the Google TV apps through Android Market.

“These are still early days for Google TV, and this release is
another step in providing developer tools for the big screen. While
the number of apps available on TV will initially be small, we
expect that through this early release of the add-on you’ll be able
to bring optimized TV apps into the ecosystem more quickly,” reads
the announcement.

The Google TV team have also published details on Google TV hardware and software support for the
Android platform.

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