Google Only Smartphone OS To Capture the Expanding Market

Jessica Thornsby

As Google captures 4% of the expanding smartphone market, some bloggers ask ‘is this Mac all over again?’

According to data released from comScore’s MobiLens service,
Google is the only major smartphone OS to experience a growth in
overall market share, between February 2010 and May 2010.

Google enjoyed a 4% growth in smartphone subscribes, while RIM,
Apple, Microsoft and Palm all experienced a drop in their
percentage of the total smartphone market. The biggest loss was
seen by Microsoft, who went down 1.9% , with Apple in second place
at a 1% loss. However, due to the growth in the smartphone market,
all the major smartphone OS’s did gain subscribers – even if they
lost out in terms of overall percentages. Overall, the smartphone
market grew by 8.1%.

Henry Blodget has concluded that the secret to Android’s
continuing success is its openness. In a recent blog post, he drew parallels between the
iPhone/iPad vs Android saga, and the Microsoft vs Mac saga:

  • “Apple invented an amazing new product (the Mac) that
    revolutionized the PC industry
  • Developers and consumers went bananas
  • Everyone concluded that Apple was going to take over the
  • Apple insisted on controlling every aspect of its product–from
    hardware to software to distribution–instead of opening up the
    platform and trying to achieve ubiquity
  • A much-less-loved competitor (Microsoft) copied Apple’s
    software (badly) and sold the software to every PC vendor who
    wanted it.
  • Developers went bananas about the size of Microsoft’s
    (inferior) platform
  • Microsoft took over the world
  • Apple was relegated to a niche market and left for dead.”

He then substitutes ‘Mac’ for ‘iPhone/iPad’ and ‘Microsoft’ for
‘Android. “Diehard Apple fans can be forgiven for wondering if it’s
deja-vu all over again,” he concludes.

But, perhaps the next set of smartphone market figures won’t be
quite so complementary to Android. The new iPhone 4 was released in
June 24, 2010 and Apple announced that it had sold 1.7 million units in
the first three days of sales. The Windows 7 Phone is also expected
later this year. Both of these products are Android’s direct
competitors – and it’s logical to expect a decrease in smartphone
sales prior to the release of a new model.

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