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Google Docs on the Go and OODT Becomes Apache Top Level Project

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, survey suggests business executives are more excited by cloud computing than your average IT department.

Get Google Docs on the Go!

Google have announced that the new documents editor for Google
Docs supports editing on the mobile browser. To get editing
on the move, visit docs.google.com on a supported device, select
the document you wish to edit, and press ‘Edit’ to switch to the
mobile editor. Mobile functionality will be rolled out over the
next few days to English-language users on Android 2.2 and iOS 3.0+
including the iPad. Support for additional languages will be added

Business Executives More Excited by Cloud Computing Than
IT Department

A survey conducted by independent analyst company
Horses for Sources and the London School of Economics, of over
1,000 executives, has discovered that business executives seem to
be more susceptible to the notion of cloud computing, than IT
executives. Horses for Sources and the London School of Economics,
presented survey participants with a list of the potential benefits
of cloud computing, and “in almost every case” a greater percentage
of business executives said these benefits were relevant and
appealing to their job, than IT executives. “As we suspected, the
dynamics driving the future direction of cloud adoption within the
business functions is going to come from the business function
leaders who ‘get it,'” said Horses for Sources founder, Phil
Fersht. However, Information Age have some ideas of their own, suggesting that IT
executives have seen such technology hype cycles before, and are
less likely to be taken in by them.

OODT Becomes Apache Top Level Project

The Apache board have approved the OODT project as an Apache Top
Level project. Apache OODT provides component based software that
offers access to distributed resources, data discovery, query
optimisation, distributed processing, and virtual archives. The
current release is 0.1-incubating.

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