JDart Project

Google Dart leaps in to the Java Virtual Machine


It’s early days, but it looks like work is already well under way in bringing Dart to the JVM.

You may have been hearing a lot about Google’s Dart of late, and
possibly wondered how it might be of use to you? Yes it’s true that
we don’t all need a new language in our lives, or any new tools to
complicate our workflow any further, but the new JDart project just
might sway your opinion.

The language itself has been initially likened to a structured
Javascript, but many developers claimed it was more like Java
itself after getting the chance to take a proper look at it. With
the JDart project underway, the relation between the two could
become even closer, making quick prototype development in a
Java-esque way a viable reality.

Of course, there is a long way to go at the moment, with only a
small fraction of instructions having been ported over so far, but
if a community of support comes together, then it has the potential
to progress quickly, facilitating broader adoption.

If you are interested in the idea of using Dart for your web
applications, but have been put off by how you might actually
integrate it into your current environment, then this could be good
news for you. Head on over to the Google code project page and
take a look.

As always we’d be interested to hear back from anyone who has
had hands on experience with their feedback.


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