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Google become latest Eclipse Strategic Member

Chris Mayer

After troubling times, Google steps up to the plate by joining the guiding Eclipse group

With criticism still running rife over the performance of
the newest 4.2 platform, the Eclipse Foundation finally have some
good news to crow about, with the arrival of Google as the newest
Strategic Member.

Google were of course the first company to lend a helping
hand when

Eclipse 4.2 performance issues reached a head in
, donating $20,000 to buy hardware
for testing. They also offered to start up a
testing lab to tackle problems within Eclipse’s Common Build

Now, Google join the likes of CA Technologies,
IBM, Oracle and SAP in providing $250,000 annually to help keep
Eclipse operations ticking. The 4.2 fiasco
brought to light the need for Eclipse funding in the central
projects, and Google stepping up to the plate will no doubt help
boost the coffers.

Director of the Eclipse Foundation,

Mike Milinkovich wrote on his blog
Google has long been a very large user, adopter and
contributor to Eclipse,” before going on mention that the Eclipse
tooling platform had been “an important part” of Android’s

He added: “By providing this additional funding, Google will
be helping the Eclipse Foundation ensure that we have a great
infrastructure and a great staff to support our

The number of Eclipse Strategic Members now stands at 11,
Actuate, Bredex, EclipseSource, itemis, OBEO, and
Talend all taking seats on the board. Google’s generosity and
stature might spur others on to donate to the Eclipse ecosystem as
it goes through some troubling times. Their presence as Strategic
Member should help ease the pressure and hopefully guide Eclipse
onto greater things.

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