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Google App Engine SDK 1.4.0 Prerelease and OpenSocial Spec 1.1 Published

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, sneak peek at Flume 0.9.2 and Apache ZooKeeper becomes TLP.

Flume 0.9.2 RC 0

Flume version 0.9.2 RC 0 has been announced, with new
NIO-based implementations for tail and exec sources. Support for
Avro-based RPC, writing to Kerberized HDFS, and support for Hadoop
compression codecs when writing output files, have all been added.
This release of Flume also features a new throttling decorator for
setting a maximum throughput on particular sinks, and new a
C++-based best-effort flume event logger, called ‘Flogger.’ There
have also been improvements to failure recovery.


OpenSocial Spec 1.1
Published With Interactive Gadgets API

The OpenSocial Foundation have
published version 1.1 of the specification. This release
defines an API for enabling gadgets to communicate with one another
via a pub/sub mechanism, and defines metadata that an app can use
to specify the events it is able to publish and subscribe. These
new features are geared at enabling users to create interactive
mashups where components are integrated with one another.


Google App Engine PreRelease
SDK 1.4.0

Google App Engine prerelease SDK 1.4.0 is out now! In the Java
edition, applications can now pay and keep three instances always
running, with the Always On feature. On the API front, the Channel
API is now available for all users and Task Queue has been upgraded
from experimental feature, to official release status. The deadline
for Task Queue and Cron requests has been increased to ten minutes,
and a low-level AysncDatastoreService has been added for making
calls to the datastore asynchronously.


Congrats, Apache

Apache ZooKeeper is now
a Top Level Project
. Congrats to the ZooKeeper team! It’s been
a good week for the Apache ecosystem, with OODT also attaining Apache Top Level Project


Google Want The World To Be

Google have released an interactive
online book
that aims to teach the general public about TCP/IP,
HTML, cloud computing, open source, browser extensions and malware.
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web was created by the
Google Chrome team using HTML5.

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