Daily Roundup

Google App Engine Gets New Runtime for Go

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, PrimeFaces and JSF get brand new logos!

Experimental Release of GAE for Go

The 1.5.0 release of Google App Engine has been
announced, with an experimental new runtime for the Go programming
. The Go runtime environment for Google App Engine
provides goroutines, but not parallel execution. This single-thread
restriction may be removed in future releases of Google App Engine
for Go. Apps can use the App Engine Datastore, and the Go Datastore
API provides an idiomatic method for storing and retrieving Go data
structures. The 1.5.0 release also introduces ‘Pull Queues’ for
pulling tasks from a queue as applications are ready to process
them, as oppose to relying on Task Queues to push tasks at a
pre-configured rate.

New PrimeFaces and JSF Logos!

The PrimeFaces and JSF specification teams have both been
running logo contests – and the results of both are in! Thirty-two
entries were made in the JSF contest, and the winner is:

Meanwhile, the new PrimeFaces logo can be seen below:

“When I look at it, it inspires and motivates me even more. It
manages to have both a mature and a modern feeling at the same
time. Just like what PrimeFaces aims, rock solid and innovative,”
says Cagatay Civici, about the new logo. “Thanks for everyone who
spent time on their logos.”

Scala 2.9.0 RC5 Addresses Regressions

The Scala team have announced a fifth release candidate to address two
regressions discovered in the Scala 2.9.0 RC4 release. They are
calling for the Scala community to test RC5 and notify them of any
issues they encounter with these two fixes.

STS 2.7.0M1 with Groovy and Grails Goodies

SpringSource have made the first
milestone of SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) 2.7.0
, available.
This release adds a list of features for Groovy and Grails
developers, including support for Groovy 1.8, functionality for
searching inside GSPs, conditional breakpoints for Groovy and early
access Gradle support. STS 2.7.0.M1 can be downloaded from the SpringSource website.

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