More Eclipse projects switch to Git

Goodbye CVS – The countdown to Git on Eclipse is underway

Chris Mayer

The gap between CVS and Git is now only 1%!

Even with still over a year for all Eclipse projects to migrate
to using Git, 39.4% already do according to stats published by
Eclipse Foundation’s Director Wayne Beaton.

Of all Eclipse projects, just over 40% still use the CVS
repository to managed code but Git is closing the gap. Eclipse gave
CVS the stigma of deprecated status and  said it would be
read-only on December 21, 2012.

Source – The Eclipse Foundation

It seems that many can’t wait to switchover. It’s worth noting
that a lot of project use both CVS and Git, with Apache veterans
that still use Subversion lagging way back on 19.9%.

The author and project co-lead of JGit/EGit Dr. Matthias
Sohn (a Java implementation of Eclipse on Git) recently talked
to Eclipse Magazine about the benefits that Git brings. 

The Java galaxy in the Git universe has now grown and matured.
JGit offers very good possibilities to integrate Git functionality
in Java-based tools and applications. 

With the rapidly progression to the JGit / EGit ecosystem, the tool
support is improving continuously for developers using Eclipse.
With Gerrit code-review and GitBlit, Java-based Git servers are
available, which are easy to install and to administer. In
addition, Gerrit code-review offers plug-ins for integration into
the Eclipse Workbench and into Jenkins / Hudson. A very good tool
support for a lightweight code review process, which has the
potential to revolutionise the work in the development team
(especially in distributed projects).

394 days to make the recommended switch to Git – the countdown
is on!

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