Last Planned GNOME 2.x Release

GNOME 2.32 Released

Jessica Thornsby

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The GNOME project has announced version 2.32.

GNOME’s ‘Empathy’ instant messaging and communication
application now allows you to group a contact’s information
together using metacontacts, allowing you to keep track of all the
instant messaging services a particular contact uses. Users can now
also disable logging and configure IRC accounts using the account
assistant with Empathy.

The Evince document viewer now uses the AtkText interface, which
means the GNOME screen reader can read documents in Evince. Users
can also add annotations from the side panel, or change the default
properties regarding features such as author, colour, and
transparency. The GNOME File Manager, image viewer and movie
player, have also been updated. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

GNOME version 2.32 is the last planned major release in the 2.x
series. Now, only maintenance releases are planned for GNOME 2.x.
GNOME 3.0 is scheduled for April, 2011.

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