GlassFish Commercial Patch Confusion Cleared

GlassFish To Integrate Commercial Fixes In Subsequent Public Release

Jessica Thornsby

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart clears up some concerns regarding the GlassFish commercial patch.

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart has cleared up some confusion surrounding the
release of the commercial patch for GlassFish 3.0.1, after one
visitor raised the concern that GlassFish would neglect the
unrestricted releases, in favour of the commercial release. Eduardo
Pelegri-Llopart explained that the companion commercial release
will provide the same base, but with additional (IPS) packages, and
that all the fixes that appear in the maintenance releases would be
integrated back into the next public release. He also took the time
to reveal some details regarding GlassFish 3.1, which will
apparently add HA/Cluster support.

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